ThamaserkuSurviving in a harsh world of scarce resources is difficult enough. Complex business models require attention to the essentials in order to achieve sustainability.

Kaaterskil Management is a full service strategy and management consulting practice with twenty years experience helping middle market and nonprofit companies adapt to new realities. We help our clients make fundamental decisions about their strategy, organization, finance, operations, marketing and technology. We work with private equity and venture capital firms to address underperforming companies, maximize their value, and position them for the most optimal exit. In particular, our special skills in turnaround, restructuring advisory and interim management help organizations and their stakeholders meet and surmount daunting situations.

We help our clients see the summit above the clouds, find the safest route, and handle the technical aspects of the climb. And we’re there with them every step of the way. We are passionate about what we do and tenacious in achieving results.