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Middle market companies and nonprofits depend on their relationships. And, as we all know, communication is everything. The world is neither black nor white, and it’s often not about substance or even style but message and delivery that can influence everything. This is particularly vital for companies undergoing change or facing distress. The last thing needed in any situation is for a key supplier, customer, sponsor or creditor to lose faith. We understand the importance of communication and have honed our skills. We can even show you the scars to prove it.

We believe that good communication is essential to good leadership. We seek to build trust, confidence and loyalty with every constituency. One has only to look at the reaction generated by BP’s responses in the gulf oil spill to see that good communication is more than just public relations and a stand-up CEO – it’s the most visible and immediately tangible expression of a company’s core values and must come from the heart. Oh, and a little media training helps.

Our expertise includes:

  • Messaging Strategy. We work closely with clients to assess an evolving situation or desired objective, discuss potential outcomes and craft a message and delivery strategy to meet desired goals. The most effective campaigns are aligned with the company’s overall business strategy and are integrated with its marketing plan. We work closely with and have managed numerous public relations professionals, media relations staff and consultants in building winning campaigns.
  • Constituency Relations. You can’t have too many friends. We understand that the definition of a customer or the role a business plays in a community can be larger than one realizes. This can be especially true for nonprofit organizations. Our communication strategy recognizes the value of reputation and we look to reach all constituencies, internal and external.
  • Crisis Management. We have a track record of calming nervous partners and building trust between potential adversaries in the face of crushing defaults, product failures and fatalities. Our approach is founded on transparency, a candid assessment of facts and the plans to address them, and continual communication. Using common sense, legal advice, diplomatic skills and a little political savvy, we have seen friends appear in unlikely places time and time again. Our experience in the spokesperson role includes customers, suppliers, creditors, investors, analysts, employees, collective bargaining units, plaintiffs and claimants, and the media in connection with a host of unpleasant and tricky situations.
  • Investor Relations. We develop strategies for sensitive investor communications for companies with public and non-publicly traded securities and can lead or assist in the communication process. We have experience with a range of audiences, including analysts, creditors, counsel and other interested constituencies.
  • Governmental Relations. We have successful experience managing lobbyists and other communications firms in outlining goals, preparing and reviewing strategies, and participating in the communications campaign.