Corporate Development

Island PeakThe need for excellence is not dependent on size, capital structure or economic cycle. Resource limitations and demands for increased quality and quantity of services can undermine the ability of middle market organizations to manage and be effective. Entrenched staff may be resistant to accepting an evolving reality. Often, a founder’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit must transition into more seasoned, professional management. And lack of an embrace of a single, cohesive business strategy may become divisive at the board, senior management or staff level.

Kaaterskil Management builds value and effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Board and Governance Development. We help boards identify their strengths and weaknesses and look to improve communication and effectiveness by defining roles and responsibilities and distinguishing between policy making and management. We work to create the right mix of representation between stakeholders and industry experts, and to keep discussion and outcomes focused on the enterprise mission, not the individual. Leadership at the board level requires different attributes than for management, and we strive to create the right environment and incentives to bring out the best in the complementary skills that each board member offers.
  • Executive Transition. We have extensive experience in managing leadership transitions. The departure of a company founder or senior leader can present some of the most challenging and disruptive issues an organization can face. Planning and managing a transition can reduce risks and provide an opportunity to clarify the company mission, the structure of the top management organization and the qualities necessary in new leadership. These transitions can often be emotional and acrimonious. We work closely with the board to define goals and timelines, manage operational and leadership issues during the transition, and assist in negotiating successful outcomes.
  • Change Management. We understand the difficulties in effecting lasting change, particularly in small and middle-market companies and nonprofit organizations. We work directly with operational leaders to develop transformational strategies that are consistent with the organizational culture, engage passion, and can be hard-wired into company processes. We work to motivate, involve and inspire your entire organization through a compelling communication program actively supported and reinforced by senior management.