Everest Based CampOur experience in the entertainment industry includes work with production companies, venue owners, unions and promoters in musical theatre, legit theatre, symphonic orchestras and opera. We are skilled at all aspects of capital raising, general management, marketing and audience development, agent representation and artistic relations, labor relations and collective bargaining, operations and finance.

The live entertainment industry is facing tremendous pressure from dramatic increases in entertainment choices and changing demographics. Consumers are less likely to commit to subscriptions, the financial foundation of any standing production company, and to delay making their entertainment choices until the last moment. Promoters and venue operators must address new ways to market their products and build brand value and master new promotional opportunities inherent in the Internet and social media.

We believe that new partnerships must be forged between labor and management in order to surmount this changing consumer landscape. Collective bargaining groups must join management in taking on financial risk to ensure a sustainable flow of quality job opportunities. Management, on the other hand, must make progress in addressing fundamental issues of compensation, employee benefits, work rules and safety. While job security is uppermost in everyone’s mind, particularly in a cyclical economy, we see opportunities ahead for the bold.

Our entertainment consulting includes work in strategy, interim management, turnarounds, restructurings, marketing and promotion, communication and constituency relations, operations, finance and technology.

In addition, our work includes specialized services:

  • Event strategy and promotion.
  • Contracts.
  • Pricing strategy.
  • Revenue forecasting.
  • Advertising and broadcast sales.
  • Sponsorship sales, rights negotiation and activation.
  • Media relations and communications management.
  • Internet marketing and e-commerce.
  • Front of house, box office and credit card operations.
  • Labor relations and collective bargaining strategy.
  • Theatre operations, including programmatic, artistic, production and technical oversight.

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