Finance and Accounting

SummitFor us, the numbers indicate more than just quantitative results. The quality of of the company’s management team, the dedication and effectiveness of its workforce, the efficiency of its business processes and the richness of its culture are as apparent to us in the numbers as return on investment and stakeholder value. We believe that a superior organization can be developed only through seamless integration and communication between finance, strategy, marketing and operations.

Our goal is to create a single vocabulary and a single vision within an organization. At the core of any enterprise is the need for timely, complete and reliable information. Kaaterskil Management’s competency is founded on the highest level of accounting and finance knowledge and building a bullet-proof back office.

Our expertise includes:

  • Interim Management. We provide CFO services for middle market and nonprofit organizations needing change. Whether it includes transition services or a wholesale reconstruction of finance operations, we have a history of successful engagements. We have access to outstanding resources and work closely with our client’s auditors and board committees to ensure smooth transitions, uninterrupted leadership and professional project management.
  • Audit Committee. We have worked with numerous client boards to develop audit committee charters that reflect regulatory and mission needs, and work with committee members to improve skills and focus. And, of course, we work with committees in the selection and management of auditors. We help boards build this body into a more relevant and active resource.
  • Investor Relations. We develop strategies for sensitive investor communications for companies with public and non-publicly traded securities and can lead or assist in the communication process. We have experience with a range of audiences, including analysts, creditors, counsel and other interested constituencies.
  • Accounting Operations. We work with our client’s auditors, CFO and accounting team to rapidly improve controls and meet regulatory requirements. We build efficient back-office operations and carefully evaluate cost/benefits to provide clients with the right information at the right time. Often, this work involves documenting or revising policies and procedures, redesigning the accounting staff structure and recruiting new members, training staff inside and outside the back office, and overhauling and converting ERP and accounting systems. Our focus is to improve service and better integrate finance processes into daily operations across all levels.
  • Budgeting and Reporting. Sustainability and growth require continually rethinking business needs, and budgeting and reporting systems need to meet these challenges. Often, our work involves retooling a chart of accounts, wholesale reconstruction of budgeting and reporting formats, and adoption or transition to new budgeting software. Through a clear understanding of fundamental business strategy, we transform our client’s budgeting and reporting process to bring more relevancy and timeliness to decision making. We often lead our clients through their budgeting process, and actively use it a means to align individual goals with the broader organization mission.
  • Treasury Operations. We understand cash like nobody else. Our experience in managing cash flow and working capital is broad and deep, and we meet many new clients facing daunting liquidity challenges. We work to forge productive relationships with key suppliers and customers to maximize cash flow, develop long-range forecasting models to improve planning, and overhaul banking and merchant credit card relationships to optimize processing and cash management.
  • Risk Management. We provide a strategic perspective to risk management that integrates the function into day-to-day treasury, finance, investment and operation processes. Risk management is more than just D&O and package plans, yet many companies offload this work to a broker. We help our clients develop comprehensive solutions to address both short- and long-term risk needs, and continually market test products and premiums. In addition, as businesses take on more global relationships, our international experience helps us provide more sophisticated services, for example, in foreign currency operations and hedging and global transport.
  • Human Resources. In middle market and nonprofit enterprises, the human resources function often falls under the purview of Finance. We see H/R as a strategic resource in building vital human capital and less as a clerical function. In organizations undergoing dynamic change, H/R plays a significant role in building and retaining core competencies and maintaining employee satisfaction. We look to improve H/R’s ability to add value by involving the function more deeply into the business planning process; tailoring mentor and evaluation programs; and streamlining data collection, transaction processing and reporting.
  • Employee Benefits. We have extensive experience in designing and implementing employee benefit programs for organizations from one to thousands of employees and beneficiaries. In addition, we can draw on the resources of a number of licensed consultants with whom we have many years of building successful programs. Our experience is global and we are skilled at developing creative and cost-effective self-administered or outsourced medical, disability and qualified retirement programs, along with deferred compensation and other specialty programs.
  • Investment Advisory. We provide leadership to middle market and eleemosynary entities in short-term investment and endowment management. We have broad experience managing investment committees, developing charters and asset allocation plans; selecting advisors and investment vehicles; and in monitoring and reporting investment results.