Financial Services

Sherpa team at LuklaOur work in the financial services industry has focused on investment banks, RIAs and asset managers in both institutional and retail environments. Our experience includes:

Branding and Marketing: With hundreds of managers competing for new clients, developing an identifiable brand is critical. Series 65 qualified, we actively work with your compliance team to articulate your unique style and investment focus into a compelling message that differentiates your firm and service offerings and communicates your competitive advantage. And we provide outreach strategies for your sales team and centers of influence so that you stay in their field of view as they encounter and develop opportunities.

Organizational optimization: While financial services firms have an affinity for and hire graduates with strong team sports backgrounds, many have difficulty reinforcing that team approach in generating long-term value. Too often, what might be a great combination of complementary skills isn’t realized. And, while a transaction may depend on one or two key relationships, success is not possible without a capable team with strong, sustainable synergies. We work with firms to promote esprit de corps and shared effort and to support these values through compensation, ownership and other reward structures.

Our financial services’ consulting includes work in marketing, strategy, turnarounds, restructurings, corporate developmentfinance, accounting and human resources, and technology.

In addition, our work includes specialized services:

  • Sales.
  • Organizational strategy.
  • Compensation strategy.
  • Management coaching.
  • Executive transition.
  • Employee benefit and stock ownership strategy.

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