Higher Education

Temple boysThe ivory tower exists for a reason and the concept of a high performance organization must take on a different definition in education settings. Leading an academic institution requires special attention to program development and delivery, accreditation and the student recruitment process.

Institutions are becoming more aware of and embracing distance learning opportunities, and the education business model must adapt and not necessarily for the better. As demographics evolve and consumer demands grow more complex, so do operational requirements and costs. Managing in this changing environment and charting a long-term academic and financial strategy can be challenging. Careful focus must be made on recruitment and tuition strategies to ensure long-term health.

Our work with higher education includes strategy, board and management development, turnaround, restructuring, interim management, marketing and promotion, communications and constituency relations, operations, finance and information and library technology.

In addition to our general consulting, our work with higher education institutions includes specialized services:

  • Fundraising strategy.
  • Tuition and financial aid strategy.
  • Revenue forecasting.
  • Student recruitment and promotion.
  • Distance learning and technology strategy.
  • Academic program development and delivery.
  • Accreditation and regulatory relations.
  • Facilities, housing and student life strategy.
  • Nonprofit accounting, Form 990 preparation and accounting forensics.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.

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