Information Technology

Khumbu viewWe believe that managing information technology is essential for operational excellence. In the middle market, IT investment choices often lose out in the competition for scarce resources with other critical capital expenditures. This is especially true during recessionary times, and can create handicaps if economic uncertainty becomes chronic.

Our expertise includes:

  • Technology Strategy. We look to align IT goals and delivery with business priorities and help clients determine the strategy that best meets their needs, resources and timelines. We are skilled in network technology, security systems, data management and warehousing, enterprise systems, portals and content management (you’re reading this webpage served from a custom CMS that we designed), software as a service (SaaS) and, of course, all manner of specialty systems such as CRM, order management, inventory management, purchasing, accounting, H/R, payroll and other application solutions. We help sort through the complexity of possibilities to concentrate on those tools that best deliver ROI and tightly support the business strategy. Our goal is to optimize the current technology investment, focus resources where they generate the best value and productivity (in terms of hard costs and personnel), and provide the most flexible platform for evolution.
  • Project Management. We understand all too well that projects take longer, cost more, and often do not deliver on their value promise. Enterprise systems often develop by evolution, not by a comprehensive understanding of the business domains. We have over twenty years of hands-on project management in data and process design from outsourced solutions, distributed data management to in-house enterprise systems. We can manage the integration of legacy systems, migration of platforms and data, and installation of entirely new processes.

Languages: Java, PHP, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, VB, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.