SummitWe work with organizations in the US and Europe in performing arts, environmental advocacy, economic development, membership, scientific and women’s issues. Our nonprofit consulting is extensive and we have developed unique and successful approaches to developing the nonprofit culture into a high performance organization.

The needs of nonprofit organizations are unique from the for-profit world. Particular attention must be paid to the highly relational aspects of nonprofit dynamics and program delivery. Operational and financial objectives, no matter how urgent, must recognize and be sensitive to the fact that these institutions have multiple bottom lines for every constituency. To succeed in any, one must succeed in all.

As opportunities and competition for philanthropy increase, we look to change the way an institution understands its patrons and engages in fundraising. Successful fundraising is more than about engaging passion and building community. We view fundraising as growth investment, foster a communication approach founded on value creation and return on investment in all its dimensions, and seek to build programs that can become financially self-sustaining.

Our nonprofit consulting includes work in strategy, board and management development, leadership transition and interim management; turnaround; communications and constituency relations; marketing, branding, fundraising, sponsorship, promotion and audience development; all aspects of operations; all aspects of finance, accounting, budget development, administration and human resources; and technology.

In addition to our general consulting, our work with nonprofit institutions includes specialized services:

  • Fundraising strategy.
  • Program delivery and pricing strategy.
  • Revenue forecasting.
  • Constituency relations.
  • Mission statement development.
  • Nonprofit accounting, Form 990 preparation and accounting forensics.
  • Investment advisory oversight.

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