Private Equity and Venture Capital

Amphu LopsaWe offer a broad suite of leadership, operating, financial and industry skills in middle market organizations. Our ability to rapidly assess issues, challenges and opportunities, along with our analytic, entrepreneurial and operating skills can be of great benefit to unlocking portfolio company value. Our relationships with internationally respected accounting, legal and marketing firms also bring a wealth of resources to bear on every engagement.

Regardless of whether a client invests for control, Kaaterskil Management can help them gain confidence in assessing the relative strengths of their portfolio company, maximize their return on investment, address and stabilize reversals, and improve performance and enterprise value. And we have the operational, financial, and communication skills to work successfully with the portfolio company board and management team.

In addition to our general consulting services, our work with your analytics team, project representative and investment committee includes specialized services for portfolio companies:

  • Business Plan Validation.
  • SWOT Analysis and Feasibility Studies.
  • Performance Improvement.
  • Interim Management.
  • Management Coaching.
  • Exit Strategy.

We look to protect each client’s interest and are not afraid to dive into details. Our goal is to maximize the enterprise value of their investment so they can achieve their exit and liquidity goals while reducing risk.