ChukkungWe offer financial restructuring services and strategic advice to middle market debtors and creditors in primarily out-of-court settings. We specialize in finding creative, result-oriented solutions and can provide both secured and unsecured creditors an informed and balanced assessment on value recovery.

We seek realistic outcomes that maximize corporate viability, and prefer to assist or lead negotiated solutions out of court to avoid the cost, effort and operational impact of the bankruptcy process. Our experience includes publicly traded debt, senior and subordinated debt, earn-outs and annuities, trade obligations, derivative agreements, loan guarantees and contingent liabilities, and preferred and common equity.

We have extensive negotiating and communication experience and have led or assisted in many successful creditor and shareholder resolutions. We have access to outstanding bankruptcy counsel and will work closely with your legal advisors in developing and executing solutions for any number of complex challenges.

Our expertise includes:

  • Capital Structure Strategy. We assist stakeholders in evaluating strategic alternatives and selecting the course of action that provides the maximum value and the highest likelihood of success to all parties.
  • Recapitalization. We assist companies that require new capital by establishing liquidity forecasts, assisting or leading the capital raising effort, and developing and negotiating terms. For non-public companies, this may involve a redesign of the entire equity structure to reflect the needs and impact of the new capital.
  • Exchanges. We have structured and negotiated numerous debt-for-equity exchange transactions. This is a key objective of ours to alleviate over-leveraged situations and we have particular skill in aligning the interests of both creditors and debtors.
  • Restructuring of Existing Debt, Equity and Other Obligations. We have extensive experience in negotiating amendments and modifications of the terms of all manner of obligations, guarantees and swaps. Our goal in working with both debtors and creditors is to maximize the likelihood and sustainability of business recovery.
  • Forbearance Agreements. We have assisted and lead numerous negotiations with creditors to delay potential actions against the company resulting from all manner of credit agreement defaults, and work closely with creditor groups to grant realistic timetables for the company to find and execute the best remedy.