Sports and Promotion

TawocheOur experience in professional sports includes work with international leagues, governing bodies, marketing organizations, properties and venues, and apparel companies. We also work with amateur leagues, officiating organizations, teams, camps and individual events.

We view sports as distinct from other forms of entertainment. Its highly relationship-oriented business model and micro-market promotion needs require a nuanced understanding of the business. We help build sustainable franchise value by studious attention to the details.

Our sports industry consulting includes work in strategy, leadership transition, marketing and promotion, turnarounds, restructurings, communication, finance and technology.

In addition, our work includes specialized services:

  • Event strategy and promotion.
  • Sponsorship sales, rights negotiation and activation.
  • Advertising and television sales.
  • Internet marketing and e-commerce.
  • Media relations and communications management.
  • Constituency relations and lobbying activity.
  • Finance and rights distribution transactions.
  • Athlete insurance and benefit programs.
  • Risk management and currency hedging.
  • Athlete statistics and sport science technology.

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