Strategy Consulting

Lhotse SharYogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” Having clear goals is essential to identifying and capturing long-term opportunities and avoiding pitfalls and distractions.

Kaaterskil Management looks at practical strategies that build on existing assets to address identifiable opportunities. Our history of research, listening, analysis and synthetic thinking has resulted in numerous innovative and effective competitive advantages for dozens of clients. Working together with their operations and management teams, we assess all aspects of our client’s business, their competition and their environment in the search to build lasting value.

Our expertise focuses on core areas:

  • Vision and Mission. We help organizations re-evaluate the fundamentals of their business, making the right choices about their customers, products, services and channels, and how best to understand and communicate their value proposition.
  • Corporate Strategy. We assess a company’s portfolio of business units or product lines, and to develop strategies that maximize competitive advantages, gain market share and build enterprise value. We look to find synergies that unify a company’s offerings so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Growth Strategy. We help determine the most effective course of action to achieve long-term health and shareholder value. We identify revenue growth opportunities, costs of implementation and timelines, along with internal capabilities and external pressures and opportunities to answer fundamental questions of build vs. buy, merge, divest, joint venture or borrow.
  • Marketing Strategy. We identify opportunities within and across a company’s product portfolio that build differentiation, brand awareness and customer resonance. We have specific expertise in Internet-based communication, promotion and e-commerce strategies, including social media.
  • Operations Strategy. We optimize costs through developing and improving processes and automation, or building entirely new delivery methods. Through rigorous analysis and best practices developed over dozens of in-depth engagements, we craft innovative solutions that are efficient, effective and flexible.