Travel and Hospitality

Crevasse jumpingOur experience includes both the corporate and leisure markets and we have worked with airlines, cruise lines and tour suppliers; package providers and intermediaries; consortia; agencies and agency collectives.

The travel industry is undergoing dynamic transition as the distribution structure experiences tremendous reorganization. Suppliers have succeeded in wresting a significant amount of consumer business away from intermediaries but are now faced with a ferociously competitive and maturing online marketplace. We forecast continued evolution as intermediaries, global distribution systems, travel management companies and agent consortia must find creative solutions and partnerships to move market share in an industry undergoing rapid technological fragmentation and thin margins.

Our travel and hospitality consulting includes work in strategy, turnarounds, restructurings, interim management, marketing, communications, operations, finance and technology.

In addition, our work includes specialized services:

  • Product development.
  • Go-to-market strategy.
  • B2B and B2C Internet marketing.
  • Rate and override negotiation.
  • Constituency relations.
  • Enterprise system design.

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