Marketing and Promotion

Khumbu viewA common refrain we often hear is “I know that half of my marketing and advertising budget results in sales. I just don’t know which half.” This challenge only increases as market segments become more fragmented. As access to competitive offerings grows, satisfying a more demanding customer translates into increased complexity and higher service costs.

We specialize in new media and direct marketing, with over fifteen years of experience in Internet marketing and promotion, technology and e-commerce, both in business-to-business and consumer-facing channels.

Our digital experience is extensive and hands-on. We focus on developing a great user experience, managing SEO and SEM in both paid and organic channels, and look to build social media operations in support of your strategic goals that create and sustain loyal and passionate communities.

Our expertise includes:

  • Marketing and Promotion.  We seek competitive market advantages and long-term growth opportunities for companies looking to rethink how they connect with their customers. We start by analyzing current and emerging customer needs to redefine customer segmentation and identify which customers to reach and how best to reach them in a way that matches operational strengths and resources.
  • Sponsorship. We bring experience in developing strong joint marketing ventures with prospective partners that bring the right synergies, negotiating rights and building practical and effective activation plans with high renewal rates. We look at developing quantitative metrics to establish goals and timelines, measure return on investment and drive mutual satisfaction.
  • Branding and Communication. Successful branding today requires moving beyond product differentiation into integrating service and relationship benefits into the customer promise. We focus on positioning and brand management to cultivate a strong, trusted image, and begin by analyzing market share and margin potential across existing and potential product lines. We apply that information to develop strategic repositioning goals and tactical plans. Finally, we align those goals with operational strengths, business strategy and organizational structure to design an institution whose products and services reflect its identity.