ZokyoPerformance and results have always been a core value. Consultants are expensive but often ineffectual, and good ideas frequently end up in the dustbin of history through poor implementation. We are intensely interested in the difference between thinking and execution. It’s not enough to know where the goal is: one must know how to get there.

Kaaterskil Management looks to maximize return on investment through a deep analysis of current functions, people and processes across each enterprise. We apply best practices learned in dozens of other engagements; seek innovative, efficient processes that build on our client’s resources and core strengths; simplify complexity; and build flexibility to improve cash flow.

Our expertise includes:

  • Cost reduction. We analyze all elements in our client’s operational processes to maximize return on investment and optimize cash flow. Rather than focus on simple cost-cutting, which may likely undermine quality and long-term success, we strive to achieve overall cost efficiency, flexibility in the face of changing conditions, and ultimately higher performance.
  • Lean strategy. We analyze entire each company’s entire operational flow, from the moment customers make contact through production or service delivery and beyond, to develop lean and flexible programs geared for the greatest impact. We work with not just front line staff but with marketing, sales and business support personnel to maximize effectiveness.
  • Service operations. Our approach looks at service design as the means to maximize the value generated by customer experience. We identify the key customer issues and interactions that have the greatest impact and analyze how systems, processes, organizational structure and culture can be leveraged. Our solutions are balanced and prioritized according to goals and costs of implementation. Equally important, we develop our strategy in conjunction with key members of each client team to engage their passion and to ensure the best likelihood of long-term integration into your culture.
  • Outsourcing and procurement. We strive to build partnerships with suppliers, tying their success to yours, strengthening relationships, and reducing risk and cost inefficiencies. We strongly believe that the most robust strategies integrate the needs of all stakeholders, and look to suppliers as an additional source of innovation. Each situation is unique, and we develop solutions to maximize relationships, cash flow and product quality.
  • Support functions. We work with all support functions, e.g. information technology, finance, legal, human resources, to deliver a unified, streamlined contribution to product and service delivery, and to instill a culture of continual improvement. We focus on teamwork, data acquisition, customer support and a shared understanding of business goals.