Lhotse wallWe provide immediate assistance to organizations in distress. Sustainability is the core of our practice and we have contributed unique, innovative insights into the special needs of a range of middle market and nonprofit organizations for twenty years. We specialize in complex, over-leveraged situations and work rapidly to build partnerships with key constituencies. Our unique approach blends conventional turnaround stabilization with the goal not just of short-term survival but to re-engineer the core business model for long-term sustainability.

Our expertise includes:

  • Assessment and Strategy Development. We love to parachute into forest fires. We listen and quickly assess situations, uncover the fundamentals, and rapidly develop a range of alternative strategies and outcomes tailored to the exigencies of each organization, situation, and our evaluation of the most viable parts of the business.
  • Interim Management. We are expert in guiding companies through crises. A typical engagement begins as interim CEO, COO, CFO or CRO (chief restructuring officer), or as a member of a crisis team. We work closely with boards, legal counsel, management and others through the entire turnaround process, ensuring a smooth transition to normal operations.
  • Communication and Messaging. We will work with the board and others to craft a communication strategy and messaging program for each constituency to instill confidence and trust, and gain the maximum goodwill. We believe that successful outcomes are linearly related to transparency, particularly with suppliers and trade creditors, and have a long track record of turning adversaries into supporters, and challenging situations into platforms for growth.
  • Cash Management and Liquidity Forecasting. We gain granular understanding of each business, its operations and its working capital needs and seasonality. We know all the levers to pull, the buttons to push and the arms to twist to gain maximum cash flow and the longest time to execute a recovery. While most situations have a small margin for error, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to plant seeds for growth.